Product Liability

While much of the firm’s reputation has developed in cases involving automotive products, we are continually involved in matters involving a variety of other products, including those in the home.

Bill Dippel, Product Liability

The difficulty injured consumers is recognizing when a product did, or did not, actually contribute to a serious injury.  Many cases involve “design defects.”   In this situation, the product apparently performed as the manufacturer intended.  Investigation reveals, however, that the manufacturer failed to make the product as safe as it should have.  Many times, consumers – as well as lawyers who do not regularly practice sophisticated product liability litigation – overlook potential cases of this type.

An example of the firm’s work in this area involved the household crock pot.  A young child in the Texas area was severely burned when the family’s crock pot spilled burning liquid across her chest, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expense and future plastic surgery.  Discovery ultimately revealed that accidents of this type were occurring across the country, and several manufacturers were refusing to adopt simple and inexpensive safety designs that would have prevented these tragic injuries to innocent children.  The firm’s work, in part, resulted in a series of successful cases across the country, as well as improvements to some household products.

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