Case Results

Injuries to our clients have been varied, and significant.  We have assisted families who have experienced tragic deaths, burns, paraplegia, quadriplegia, amputations, closed head injuries, and brain damage.  At the Law Offices of William Kenneth C. Dippel, our focus is our relationship with our clients -- their needs, their wants, and what is best for their future.  Sometimes, the result is trial.  In other circumstances, the result is a favorable settlement.

Some firms will advertise settlements and verdicts by publishing the client’s name, type of case, and settlement amount.  The numbers quoted are sometimes sensationalized by using long term payout amounts that may, or may not, occur over decades.  The implication intended is that your case is worth many millions of dollars when it actually may not be.

Our firm does not advertise specific settlement amounts.  Whenever possible, we negotiate a confidentiality agreement so that the amount of your recovery remains confidential.  Resolution of a serious injury suit is an intensely personal process.  We believe it is in your best interest to maintain the privacy of your resolution.  Advertising the amount often creates problems for clients, particularly if the case has resolved for a large amount.  The case belongs to you, the client, and should be treated with the appropriate dignity.